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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

Mark Twain


Andenes is situated in the arctic, app. 300 km above the polar circle. Besides whales a world of magnificent and uparalleled natural wilderness awaits. 

The purpose of this tour is to allow guests to experience at close range, some of the most captivating marine life such as Finback  whales, Humpback Whales and of course the Orcas feeding on herring during the winter season. Besides this this tour provides an overall taste into the wildlife of the Lapland region of Norway, featuring sights of reindeer and moose. With numerous activities and a hands-on tour guide adventuring with you, this will prove to be the most amazing experience ever! 

Exciting details about the tour to follow: 

Andenes  is conveniently located in the north of the Vesterålen islands just adjacent to the “Bleik-canyon” – a deep-sea canyon at the edge of the continental shelf which is occupied by a variety of whale species the whole year round. In just 15 – 50 minutes we can reach the whales with our RIB Boats to see up-close these intriguing animals. In order to find the whales we actively collaborate with local marine-researchers including the Norwegian Orca Survey

  1. Arrival: Please be at the SeaSafari Brygga (reception and guesthouse) 30 minutes prior to departure.

  2. Reception: Check-in and informative introduction about whales and the sea as well as a safety briefing. When necessary, information is given in different languages (English, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian). You will also need to complete a medical disclaimer form before the trip.

  3. Getting ready for the sea: We put on the snorkel equipment that we provide or you can bring your own. Please, wear warm and comfortable woolen or fleece clothes and long under wear e.g. merino.

  4. Boarding: Together we go to the boats, just next to the reception.

  5. Tour: Off we go! Depending on where the whales are, we drive between 10 – 20 minutes to their position. When we approach the whales we do operate very respectfully in their proximity, following our code of conduct for whalewatching. To be able to snorkel we need to find the whales feeding (not travelling or socialising!) and quite conditions out at sea regarding currents and waves. So the final decison, if we can go into the water is taken out at sea!

  6. The autumn/winter tours last between 2 and 3 hours and take place from November to March (weather-dependent). Please, contact us beforehand for whale watching in October and April.

  7. Back on land: From the harbor we go back to the reception where we change and enjoy some warm soup, bread, coffee and tea, and during our trip summary you can get more information on the whales you just watched.

Whats included?

  • Tour experts 
  • Activities as mentioned

  • Debriefing and education session 

  • Soup, bread coffee/ refreshments

  • Snorkelling gear:

    • Dry suit
    • Hood, gloves and shoes
    • Snorkel equipment
  • Duration: 2-3 Hours

Price and Availability

Price and availability can be further discussed through direct enquiry with Animals around the Globe. 

Adult price: Kr. 2100 (193,92 €)

Child price:  Kr. 1595( €147,29)

Maxium Passengers on a tour: 12

As this is a winter tour, and groups are always limited this tour is in high demand. This tour operates in winter, please email for more information and exact details for booking.  

  • December 2020 (Available)  
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This is a truly wonderful activity. Sea safari really sets itself apart from its competitors by using the small rubber boats with at most 12 people. This makes it seem like you're are much closer to the whales. We saw 4 sperm whales on our trip!!!
Lisa Swinkels
Previous Explorer
We went whale snorkelling with Sea Safaris Andes in November it was an incredible experience, Just make sure you give yourself a couple of days for the experience not just one. We swam with a humpback whale something you’ll never forget. Martin and his team are very competent and know whale behaviour and patterns very well. Highly recommend for whale snorkelling in Skjervoy an experience you won’t forget..
Daniel Mardi
Previous Exporer
Superb whale watching tour. Very exciting to go out to sea in the smaller boats operated here. The staff are super friendly and professional. We had an excellent time with the family and felt safe at all times.
Jacob Kellenberger
Previous Explorer

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