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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

Mark Twain


This tour is for the wildlife enthusiasts! On this tour, there is a focus on finding wildlife, without disturbing them at all. The true beauty of Sweden will be unleashed on this tour.

During this winter adventure one will track wild animals with focus on wolves and lynx.

The tour travels to different hotspots for animal activity by van and venture out on foot or cross country skis/snowshoes depending on the snow conditions. You won’t need any previous experience in skiing or snowshoeing.

As we spend time out in the field learning the arts of tracking wildlife and gather data to be analysed there is a possibility to observe animals such as moose, otter, beaver, roe deer, mountain hare, even wolf and lynx.

The day-to-day plan is elaborated below:

Hop on the train from Stockholm or Arlanda airport for the four hour ride to Falun. We will send you the train ticket in beforehand. If you travel by car you can drive directly to Korså and meet us there.

Arrive and be greeted by our guide at the train station in Falun for a 30 minutes van transfer to Korså. Once we arrive you can check into your rooms before we sit down for an introduction and get to know each other a bit.

The manor house at Korså Herrgård is an old building with a remarkable charm and long history. Close to the manor lies the remains of the ironworks, founded in the 1800’s as means to support the local iron industry.

Here you will be treated with a delicious welcome dinner. In the evening we try out our equipment such as skis and snowshoes. We make our way to the local lake and back as means to practice for the coming day.

Night at Korså Herrgård.

Wake up and enjoy an early breakfast in the dining room.

Our first outing together is an exciting tracking excursion in an old-growth forest which is hopefully covered in snow. We learn about the inhabitants of our taiga ecosystem and acquaint ourselves with the nature around us. Hopefully we will come across interesting signs of wild animals and birds such as moose, mountain hare, capercaillie, wolf and lynx. These animals are are all here, and we are humble visitors in their home. We will bring a lunch to eat in the forest, perhaps by a lake or just among all the spruces and pines.

When we return to Korså for some free time to relax before dinner.

Night at Korså herrgård

After breakfast we hop into our van and travel a bit south. Along the way we stop at Gysinge for a lunch. This is an excellent location to search for aquatic mammals.


After our meal we head out on an excursion to search for otters and beavers along the rivers in the local area. We may see them on the ice or swimming in the water close by.

In the late afternoon we leave these enchanting waterways to travel further south. Your guide will share knowledge of all wildlife we encounter along the way. We may also see moose, roe deer, red fox, wild boar and birds before we arrive to the idyllic Färna Herrgård near Skinnskatteberg.

Once we arrive, you’ll have time to check in to your new room and enjoy some free time before dinner. 

After dinner we will greet with Daniel Mallwitz, a ranger from the local county board. We take a seat in the comfy lounge for a presentation to learn more about the large carnivores of Central Sweden. We will discuss the current situation for wolves and lynx in Scandinavia, current status of the population and how they are monitored by Daniel and his colleagues. You will also learn more about the species’ biology, ecology and behavior which will be useful for the coming days out in the field.

Night at Färna Herrgård.

We enjoy our first breakfast at Färna Herrgård before meeting up with Daniel. On this day he will take us to the homeground of a lynx family group.

We aim to visit some of the hotspots in the territory of this feline. These hotspots are interesting places to search for signs of the animal such as scent markings and tracks as well as collecting DNA to be analyzed later at the lab. The analysis will help us determine which individuals are present in the area.

We will share any findings with you after you have returned home during the coming year.

As the day continues we’ll enjoy a well deserved lunch.

In the afternoon we will set up some camera traps baited with scent to see if we can capture lynx on camera. You will participate by putting out lures and rigging cameras. The lynx is an extremely elusive animal and is very difficult to spot in the wild. These tools are our best bet to catching a glimpse of the rare mammal. However, since we are present at the right time and in the right spots we do have a chance to actually see them too.

As the sun sets we make our way back to our hotel for a warming dinner.

After dinner you are free to use the wood heated sauna, a traditional and relaxing Nordic spa session. Take a quick and refreshing dip in the ice cold lake if you want or just cool down outside.

After breakfast we go for a walk to a nearby forest and a bird feeding station, where some nature loving locals help birds survive the long Winters. Here we have the chance to watch a variety of species such as Willow tit, Crested tit, Siberian tit and Siberian Jay as well as Red Squirrel at close. Some of the birds may even eat out of your hand, a beautiful experience.

After lunch we leave Jokkmokk behind and travel further north to visit our good friend Lennart in Unna Tjerusj Sami community. It makes us very happy that he welcomes us stay at his tented camp.

You will sleep comfortably in one of the tents. There are proper beds and a heater, so it’s almost like staying at a hotel. You will be surprised how comfortable a tent can be. Toilet? Don’t worry, Lennart has set up some heated toilet booths near the tents. We have five tents to share so there is be plenty of room for all of us.

During the evening we enjoy an evening meal by the fire place in a small wooden cabin. We take turns to go outside and watch for the Aurora, hopefully dancing in the sky above the camp. In either case, the illuminated tents provide an ideal foreground for night sky photography.

Here we recommend you to put your phone away and let nature be your connection to the world. We’re in the wild, so no electricity is available to charge your phone. Although Lennart wouldn’t call it wilderness, for him this is his ‘backyard’. The Sámis have lived in harmony with these lands for thousands of years. Following the reindeer, harvesting berries, herbs and firewood and drinking the water from the streams and lakes.

Night at Sámi tented camp.

We enjoy a hearty breakfast together before it is time to conclude the tour and head back to civilisation.

We will take you to a train station for a bus or train to Arlanda airport or Stockholm.

Whats included?

  • All activities as mentioned in the program

  • 5 nights accommodation

  • Full board with all meals from dinner day one to breakfast day six

  • Round-trip transportation from Stockholm or Arlanda airport

Price and Availability

Price and availability can be further discussed through direct enquiry with Animals around the Globe. 

Adult price: 9 950 SEK (960 €)

As this is a winter tour, and groups are always limited this tour is in high demand. This tour operates in winter, please email for more information on exact details for booking.  

  • 26 December 2020 (14 spots available) 
  • 20 February 2021 (14 spots available) 
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We joined the wolf tracking safari a few winters ago and it was a tremendous experience, highly recommended! For any nature lover, this will be a unique trip, nice accomodation with great homemade food and a cosy little sauna next to a lake. And this is not even the wolf tracking, yet!
Patrick Schmiedel
Previous explorer
Did we see wolves - not this time. Did that matter - not at all! Walking through the enchanting wolf territories, you can certainly feel their presence, and see evidence that they have also travelled this path not long ago. Tracks in the snow, evidence of a wolf kill next to a gorgeous and remote frozen lake, a flock of ravens emerging from somewhere deep in the forest. Oh yes - the wolves are not far away, but they are elusive and secretive. I'm already anticipating my next trip!
Jackie Worthing
Previous explorer
To hear wild wolves howling in a dark forest is a truly magical experience! The guides truly are knowledgeable, well organized and most friendly. This wolf safari is an experience of a life time and something I'd highly recommend!
Sandra Pons Sahlstedt
Previous explorer

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As Sweden has a lot of forest, the typical animals of the forest also live here. These include wild boars, deer and red deer, hares, foxes and badgers. Lynxes, brown bears and wolves slowly reproduce again.

Sweden is not only one of the most scenic and diverse countries in the world, but also one of the least populated. So it’s perfect to recharge your batteries on an unforgettable hiking vacation.

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