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Find your next wildlife adventure.

See the worlds largest predatory fish on earth. Explore the beauty in real life. 

Gorillas are among the most endangered animal species of all. Encounter them in Africa.

Jump into an adventure you will never forget. Seeing Orcas is a mindblowing experience.

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To sit in the woods in the pitch-black late summer night and for an hour listen to the wolves howling from the other side of the bay. An unforgettable experience that I will carry with me throughout my life. Thanks thanks thanks!
Kerstin Gustavsson
Previous Explorer
We had a brilliant time sneaking through the forests to spot moose and cruising the lake on a quiet electric boat watching beavers. The guides were brilliant. They were really interesting and made sure we saw plenty of animals and got as close as possible. To top it off, the included dinners were both delicious!
Jack Connolly
Previous Exporer
Guides are very professional and smart. They give you a perfect impression of the wild swedish nature an capture you with all their enthusiasm an devotion! They make an unforgettable event out of it
Kirsten Keller
Previous Explorer