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Komodo Dragon Devours Massive Moray Eel

komodo dragon devours moray eel
Komodo dragon attempting to devour a massive moray eel. Image via ILLANK Adventure
ILLANK Adventure on YouTube

The Video

The wild is anything but predictable. This much is true on Komodo Island, Indonesia, where a Komodo dragon encounters the carcass of a massive moray eel. What seemed to be a happy meal for the  Komodo dragon turned out to be a big challenge. Here, we narrate the tale captured in the video.


komodo dragon
Komodo Dragon, the largest lizard in the world. (Varanus komodoensis) Image via Depositphotos

The video begins with the Komodo dragon approaching the moray eel’s carcass stranded on a beach. This big lizard is known for targeting unexpected prey. But this video sheds light on the opportunistic nature of the dragon to win over an unwieldy meal.

The Struggle to Swallow

komodo dragon
Close up Portrait of Komodo dragon with open mouth. Rinca Island, Indonesia. Image via Depositphotos

Despite the Komodo dragon’s formidable reputation, the video reveals the lizard’s struggle to consume the eel. The sheer size of the moray eel presents an unusual obstacle, leading to a rare sight: the dragon attempting to swallow its meal whole, only to realize the task at hand exceeds its physical capabilities.

The Eel is Too Big

moray eel
Moray Eel hunting underwater. Image via Depositphotos

Not long after its initial attempt, the Komodo dragon is forced to regurgitate the eel carcass. With relentless determination, the dragon pulls the eel across the beach, a testament to its stubborn resolve and ability to adapt when dinner doesn’t cooperate. This struggle to find a better angle or spot to eat the eel reveals how gritty a Komodo can get when hungry.

Struggle on the Shore

moray eel
Moray eels (Muraenidae). Image via Depositphotos

The Komodo’s repeated attempts to eat the eel near the shoreline amidst the lapping waves add a dynamic element to the struggle. Every effort the dragon makes to sink its teeth into the eel, the waves interfere. You can almost see the Komodo’s frustration as it deals with the ocean’s meddling.

Komodo Dragon’s Defeat

The Komodo dragon Varanus komodoensis raised the head with open mouth. It is the biggest living lizard in the world. Island Rinca. Indonesia.
The Komodo dragon Varanus komodoensis raised the head with open mouth. It is the biggest living lizard in the world. Island Rinca. Indonesia. Image via Deposit Photos

Ultimately, the Komodo dragon abandons its efforts, leaving the eel carcass behind. This decision to retreat, after numerous attempts, reflects a crucial aspect of wildlife behavior: the ability to recognize when the energy expenditure outweighs the potential gain. The Komodo’s departure signifies not defeat but a strategic choice, emphasizing the instinctual understanding these animals have of their limitations and the environment.


Komodo Dragon
Komodo dragon with the forked tongue sniff air. Close up portrait. The Komodo dragon, scientific name: Varanus komodoensis. Indonesia. Image via DepositPhotos

The video serves as a vivid illustration of the complex interactions within the natural world. It highlights the struggles even apex predators face.

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Komodo dragon
Komodo dragon caught waiting for prey. Image by Charles J. Sharp, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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