10 Animals That Eat Plants

Plant-eating animals are a fascinating species of the animal kingdom.   So, stay with us to discover some of the most amazing facts about animals that depend on plants to stay alive!


Cows are domestic species found everywhere in the world. They make excellent farm animals that provide various benefits to human beings.


Goats are rotund herbivores that possess horns and cloven feet. They may be domestic and kept on farms for their meat and milk. Some goats are, however, native to mountain areas with rugged and rocky terrains.


Deers are the most developed species on Earth and have undergone several alterations owing to competition. They can defend themselves with their huge, specialized antlers.


The horses we see daily are domesticated descendants of extinct wild horses. In ancient times, they were the main source of transport and racing animals for entertainment, making them the most important animals to humanity.


These gigantic creatures are mighty, with big hairy bodies and bulging abdomens. The most distinguishing part of their appearance is their big round nostrils protruding outwards.


Zebras are one of the most fascinating animals because to their black and white stripes. The stripes on their bodies work like fingerprints, allowing scientists to quickly distinguish distinct species.

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