10 Animals that Enjoy Having Sex

We have gathered 10 interesting and sex-crazed animals that enjoy having sex no less than humans. So, let’s quickly break down the crazy sexual activities of these ten sex-crazed animals.


The first animal that enjoys having sex is the bonobo. Bonobos, just like chimpanzees, share close to 98 percent of their DNA with humans. An uncanny similarity to humans also points to humans’ sexual appetite, which we can also see in bonobos.


Dolphins are super aggressive when it comes to sexual behavior. Their intense sexual aggression is a topic to talk about. It also pinpoints that they have sex out of sexual appetite, not solely for reproduction.

Short-Nosed Fruit Bats

Short-nosed fruit bats, scientifically known as Cynopterus sphinx, are another interesting animal that enjoys having sex. An interesting and predominant fact about these mammals is their habit of oral sex.

Male Northern Elephant Seals

Northern elephant seals are known to be aggressive while mating. It is vital to note that male northern elephant seals weigh four times more than females, so it can be quite suffocating for the female.


Brown bears are often considered docile creatures, but their sexual antics can be aggressive and surprising. They’re also homosexual—their love of mating is well documented by scientific studies.


Another example of animals with mating rituals is the African lion. The most obvious reproductive behavior in male African lions involves head rubbing and licking.


Among all animals, giraffes’ sexual drive must be the strangest. It includes lots of affectionate physical activities—such as hugs and tongue kissing—which are performed for pleasure.


Systematic research has been conducted on rams’ sexual behavior. Most concluded by proclaiming rams as one of the most extensive animals that enjoy sexual encounters.