Jan Nowatschin

Explore the Top 10 Wildlife Encounters in 2023

#10 Wolves in Germany You can stay in a Tree Inn’s tree houses in the middle of a forest camp. Here you have enough space to watch the wolves all night long.

In February and partly in March the wildebeest find rest and give birth to their calves in the in the grassy plains of the highlands of Tanzania.

#9  Safari in Africa

#9  Safari in Africa

#8 Koala Tour in Australia Koala cuddles coming in at number 8 on the Top 10 ideas to see wildlife list. Koalas can only live in one place in the world - Australia.

Whales (Cetacean) are divided into two group’s baleen whales (Mysticeti) toothed whales (Odontoceti).

#7 Whale or Dolphin Watch in the Bahamas People use the term dolphin, porpoise and whale to describe marine mammals belonging to the order Cetacean.

Manatees live in the shallow waters of marine coastal areas as well as freshwater habitats. They can be found in the warm water of the tropical regions only.

#6 Manatee Snorkel, USA

#5 Canoe Safari with Hippos Hippos are today only widespread in Africa south of the Sahara. They are rare in western Africa and the population is divided into a number of smaller groups, which together comprise around 130,000 animals in 19 countries.

#4 Brown Bear Safari They are found in Forests and Mountains across Europe, Asia and North America. The World’s largest Brown Bears are found in the coastal regions of Alaska and British Colombia – on islands such as Kodiak.

Where to dive with tiger sharks? Mostly in the tropics but we have found the top 3 places to encounter tiger sharks around the world: Bahamas, Maldives, Fiji.

#3 Diving with Tiger Sharks

#3 Diving with Tiger Sharks

#2 Walking with Lions Crazy? Yes, but can actually walk with Lions in Zimbabwe.

#1 Snorkel with Orcas in Norway One of the most intelligent and largest species of oceanic dolphin in a family of whales. Welcome to the Top #1 idea to see wildlife in 2023.