10 White Animals

Colors can help animals hide or deceive prey. But, Mother Earth sometimes seems to run out of colors, so she makes some animals white.  Check out this post to see animals that are white.


These ruminant animals are typically raised commercially for their meat and wool. Sheep's wool, especially, is of great economic importance to humans, and its characteristic white color makes it sought-after because it is easier to transform.


For a long time, there was a long-held belief that swans are all white and black swans do not exist. But this belief has been proven false since the discovery of black swan species in Australia.


Native to mountainous regions of western North America, mountain goats are so aptly named for their preference for high-altitude mountain ranges with salt deposits.


Three species of ptarmigan—willow, white-tailed, and rock—are also known as lagopus. These game birds live in alpine and arctic climates in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Taiwanese  White Dolphin

Though these marine mammals appear pink at times due to overdeveloped blood vessels for thermoregulation, they are actually white with grey spots and only appear pink when actively regulating body temperature.

Arctic Hare

The Arctic hare is a species of hare that has evolved to survive the icy and below-freezing temperatures of the Arctic tundra. Their small bodies have a disproportionate amount of fat at 20% body fat, and this keeps them insulated through the winter.


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