100 Whales Released from Russian Whale Jail

In the far eastern reaches of Russia, a watery prison once held dozens of whales.

Dubbed the “whale jail”, this facility became the centre of international attention and concern.

Here, nearly 100 whales, including 11 killer whales (orcas) and 87 belugas, were confined in cramped conditions, sparking global outrage.

The footage of the whales, struggling to breathe in ice-caked water, further intensified the global demand for their freedom.

In response to the mounting pressure, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised the release of the 97 whales. 

This marked the beginning of the largest release of captive cetaceans in history.

The process, however, was not without its challenges.

Transporting these marine giants hundreds of kilometres by truck and barge to their original habitats posed logistical and health risks.

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