13 Animals That Lay Eggs

Keep reading to explore more about the complex egg-laying process and a description of the top 13 animals that lay eggs.


Birds are the most vibrant and fascinating animals that are related to dinosaurs. They are also the only known animals on earth with feathers, making them a highly distinctive creation of nature.


Turtles are adorable reptiles known for their characteristic hard shell and tiny legs that ensure they never walk fast!  On the other hand, tortoises are land-lovers who prefer dwelling on land and even in deep burrows on hot days.


Frogs are small amphibians known for their vast rounded eyes and slimy skin. These hopping creatures are found abundantly in every part of the world.


Fish are marine vertebrates with distinctive anatomy and behavior. For instance, these gorgeous species have gills that help breathing and fins that allow them to swim.


Snakes are long and scaly reptiles that are the scariest animals on earth. They are closely related to their fellow reptiles, the lizards, and are found in almost every part of the world except for Antarctica.


Lizards are egg-laying reptiles that belong to the Squamata order. Lizards are remarkable reptiles that can regrow their tails and change hues to conceal themselves from predators.

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