By Josie  February 27th, 2024

11 Incredible Animals That Live in Alaska

These majestic birds are often seen soaring near coastlines and rivers, where they fish with remarkable skill.

#1 Bald Eagle

Standing up to 6 feet tall at the shoulder and weighing as much as 1,600 pounds, the Moose is the largest member of the deer family.

#2 Moose

Despite their small size, you should not underestimate this small-ish creature! Wolverines have a fierce reputation thanks to their incredible strength and tenacity.

#3 Wolverines

These marine mammals are specially adapted to life on the ice, with thick fur and a layer of fat for insulation against the cold.

#4 Polar Bears

These playful and adorable mammals are often seen floating on their backs, using rocks as tools to crack open shellfish.

#5 Sea Otters

These skilled flyers and swimmers spend most of their lives at sea, coming ashore only to breed in burrows on coastal cliffs and islands.

#6 Puffins

These crustaceans live in the cold waters off Alaska’s coast, where they undertake migrations from shallow to deep waters.

#7 Alaskan King Crabs

These animals inhabit Alaska’s rugged mountain ranges, where their agility and sure-footedness allow them to traverse steep cliffs

#8 Dall Sheep

Its coat changes color with the seasons, from brown or gray in the summer to a camouflaging white in the winter.

#9 Arctic Foxes

The Snowshoe Hare is named for its large back feet, which prevent it from sinking into the snow, acting like natural snowshoes.

#10 Snowshoe hares

These social animals gather in large groups on rocky haul-outs, where their loud roars can be heard by anyone nearby.

#11 Stellar Sea Lions

Their iconic look consists of a short tail, distinctive ear tufts, and large, padded paws that act as snowshoes.

#12 Lynx

The Muskox, with its shaggy coat and curved horns, looks like it stepped out of the Ice Age.

#13 Muskox

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