15 Most Popular Pets Living in New York


cat and dog via unsplash

With World Pet Day around the corner, I started wondering what the most popular pets kept in iconic New York are.  And of course what these little guys like doing in all of their free time, which most pet owners would agree is all the time!

These adorable dogs are officially the most popular pets in New York since 2022! And who are we to say anything else? Frenchies have sassy, yet loving personalities, who love attacking their toys!

french bulldog via unsplash

French Bulldog

Golden Retrievers bring love and playfulness to any home, no wonder they feature on our list of most popular pets in New York!

golden retriever via unsplash

Golden Retriever

The poodle is loved by many and I’m not sure why, but they just suit New York! These curly-haired doggos are loved by many fashion icons and can pull off almost any outfit their owner dresses them in.

poodles via unsplash


These beautiful cats are known for their high intelligence levels, making it important for them to be both physically and mentally stimulated to ensure that they are happy!

russian blue cat via unsplash

Russian Blue Cat

Goldfish are a popular starter pets in many homes, especially those with young children or where other pets aren’t allowed.

goldfish via unspash


Popular in classrooms around the world, Guinea Pigs are adorable pets. These gentle pets love a good cuddle from time to time and require decent-sized cages where they can spend the rest of their time.

guinea pigs via unsplash

Guinea Pigs

rabbits via unsplash

Bunnies are another popular New York pet. These intelligent animals require a lot of attention and are very active – so children love having them around.



bulldog via unsplash