21 Animals That Call Joshua Tree Home


joshua tree via unsplash

Ever wondered which animals live in Joshua tree?  Let’s discover which animals call Joshua tree home.

A symbol of the Mojave Desert, known for its slow movements and burrowing lifestyle.

desert tortoise via depositphotos

Desert Tortoise

Iconic for their curved horns and mountainous habitats, they’re often seen in rocky areas.

bighorn sheep via unsplash

Bighorn Sheep

Adaptable canines that roam the park, known for their cleverness and versatility.

coyote via unsplash


Recognizable by their long ears and powerful legs, these hares are common in open areas.

blacktailed jackrabbit via unsplash

Blacktailed Jackrabbit

Famous for its speed and agility, this bird is a sight to behold as it dashes across the desert.

greater roadrunner via unsplash

Greater Roadrunner

Majestic birds of prey with a vast wingspan, spotted in the skies above the park.

Golden eagle via unsplash

Golden Eagle

redtailed hawk via unsplash

Known for their distinctive reddish tail and keen eyesight, they are often perched high up, scanning for prey.

Redtailed Hawk


chuckwalla via unsplash