23 Most Endangered Animals in Europe

Asia is the largest, most populous, and fastest-growing continent. It seems to be where most wild creatures are wiped off by humans. We've listed Asia's 23 most endangered animals.

European Ground Squirrel

Asia is the world’s most extensive, populous, and rapidly developing continent. It also appears to be the hub where most wild animals face extinction due to human conflict.

European Bison

The European Bison is the largest known animal in Europe and Asia. It is a shy, peace-loving animal that lives in the woods. The Bison’s diet consists of herbaceous plants and grasses.

Iberian Lynx

This is a famous wild cat species endemic to southwestern Europe. It is the world’s most endangered cat species, with only about 400 remaining in the wild.

Pine Marten

The Pine Marten, famously known as the sweet marten, is a comparatively tiny, endangered marten species inhabiting Europe. These solitary and territorial animals reside in woodlands and other forested areas.

Bavarian Pine Vole

The Bavarian Pine Vole is a nearly extinct rodent endemic to southern Germany’s mountain region. It has thick dark red fur and a long tail, and feeds on the needles and bark of pine trees.

Monk Seal

You may find the nearly extinct Monk Seal in Europe’s Mediterranean and Atlantic seas. They stand out due to their black head and torso, as well as a white patch on their chest.

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