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5 BestPlaces To See

African Wild Dogs

African Wild Dogs look like adorable pets, but are in fact skilled and lethal hunters.

Let's find out where to spot them:

All pack members are subordinate to the alpha pair, and this pair is usually the only pair that remains monogamous for life.

Social Structure of African Wild Dogs

Packs cooperate in taking care of the wounded and sick members, and there is little to no intimidation in the social hierarchy.

The pack splits up during the hunt, with some dogs trying to drive the fleeing prey in a circle toward the others.


Once the animal collapses, the dogs immediately begin feeding, even before their prey has died from loss of blood.

As the name indicates, African Wild Dogs are scattered fairly widely over Africa, predominantly in savannah-like terrain.

South Africa has been revolutionary in its African wild dog conservation efforts.

1. Kruger National Park

A 20-year effort saw African wild dogs reintroduced to multiple game reserves and national parks across South Africa, but the Kruger is still the best place to see them.

Tou don't need another excuse to visit the Okavango Delta, with its wild, lush landscapes and vast diversity of animals.

2. Okavango Delta

But, this UNESCO world heritage site is home to one of the highest African wild dog populations anywhere in the world.

Ruaha National Park is one of Africa’s last remaining wildernesses, perfect for African wild dogs who need a vast area to roam.

3. Ruaha National Park

It is also home to 10% of the global African lion population.

4. Gorongosa National Park

Despite being late to the party, Gorongosa National Park is showing signs of becoming an essential outpost for the species.

There are a lot of plans afoot for future reintroductions, so start planning your trip before everyone learns about this incredible spot.

Seeing African wild dogs from a vehicle is one thing, but at Mana Pools, you also have the opportunity to trek on foot with some of the best walking guides on the continent in search of these elusive creatures.

5. Mana Pools

Their scientific name, Lycaon pictus, literally means painted wolf, referencing their mottled fur with black, brown, yellow, and white colorings.

Fun Fact #1

The alpha female is the core of the pack – leading her pack from its formation until she dies.

Fun Fact #2 

She is the leader, general, decision-maker, and caring mother.

People have attempted to tame painted wolves but never successfully.

Fun Fact #3

They naturally distrust humans or any animal outside of their own pack.

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