By Josie  April 19th, 2024

500 Pounds of Python Found in Florida

Can you imagine coming across 500 pounds of python?

Earlier this year, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida stumbled upon a total of 500 pound of python in one single day!

These 500 pounds consisted of 11 pythons, divided amongst three different “mating balls.”

The Footage

The longest one measured a whole 16 feet in length.

500 pounds of python is a huge catch, and no wonder it’s a local record for the conservancy! Having operated for over 10 years, the Conservancy has never ever caught so many snakes in one single day.

A Record

A mating ball is when multiple males converge around a single female, competing to mate with her.

What Is a Mating Ball?

Several snakes can involved, and they can remain entwined for hours or even days – all hoping to be the lucky one to mate with the female.

Although the Burmese python is a fairly common sight in Florida, they are not “meant” to be there. Originating from South East Asia they made an entrance into the sunshine state in the 70’s through the pet trade.

An Intruder

Since then, they’ve been wrecking the local ecosystem (because they can eat almost any species).

This is why the conservancy is tasked with removing them from nature (in a respectful and non-cruel way, of course.)

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