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By Josie

March 31st, 2023

Baby Pigs

Baby pigs are nothing short of adorable, we've compiled all the info you need to know before becoming a pig-parent.

It's time for some piggies!

Different Breeds

There are also a few rarer breeds, such as Gloucestershire Old Spots, and Mangalitsas.

The two most popular breeds of pet pigs are the pot-bellied and Kune-Kune pigs.

Pot-bellied pigs typically weigh between 40 and 150 pounds when fully grown, while KuneKune pigs range in size from about 50 to 500 pounds.

Despite their size differences, all pet pigs share similar personality traits; they are social animals that need plenty of love and attention.

Personality Traits

Like any pet, properly caring for a pig requires dedication and commitment.

Let's take a look at their care requirements:

Feeding Your Piglet

Some piglets transition to solid food by as early as four weeks old, while others may take up to eight weeks.

Provide a high-quality sow’s milk replacer for bottle feeding or a goat’s milk formula for nursing pigs.

After weaning, you can begin introducing your piglet to an age-appropriate diet that consists mainly of fresh food and hay.

Supplements and Treats

Supplements and treats are not essential to a young pig’s diet but can be beneficial if used correctly.

Fresh greens like kale or spinach helps provide additional vitamins and minerals.

Spend time interacting with the piglet daily through playtime, cuddles, brushing, and talking to them in a soothing voice.


They are great companions, quite intelligent, and can even learn basic commands such as “sit” or “come” if trained properly!



They should always have at least 30 square feet per animal when outdoors (or 60 square feet indoors).

Pigs need plenty of space around them to stay healthy.

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Baby Pigs make your heart melt in a hot second!

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