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By Josie March 9th, 2023

Farm Animals

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Let's get to know some farm animals:

Some see farming as a way of life, a career, or even a family tradition.

But, a growing number of individuals are treating farm animals like pets

What are Farm Animals?

Animals that live in a farm aren’t like wild animals; they can live with people.

Farm animals are animals that are bred on farms for either meat, dairy products, or to assist farmers.

1. Ducks 

Ducks are a good choice for small-scale farming because of their low area requirements.

Only a little housing, a small kiddie pool, and suitable fencing are all that is needed for these foragers to thrive.

2. Cows

Cows are the best livestock to raise if the goal is to make money or provide for a family.

They produce milk and other dairy products, including butter and cheese - or calves can be sold when they are weaned.

3. Chickens

Chicken meat and eggs are widely consumed, and their droppings are used as fertiliser by farmers and gardeners.

This makes them a popular livestock option for both self-sufficiency and profit.

4. Rabbits

Due to their high rate of reproduction, they make ideal livestock for both commercial and non-commercial purposes

In order to keep your rabbits safe a bunny tractor is required.

6. Pigs

Pigs are the world’s sixth most commonly farm animal.

Pig farming is concentrated in China, northern Europe, and the Midwest of the United States.

7. Sheep

Smaller farms can benefit from the low-maintenance characteristics of sheep

Raising these animals for their meat, milk, and wool makes sense from both a self-sufficiency and financial point of view.

8. Quails

Compared to guinea fowl, quails are easier to keep because they are less noisy and require less space.

However, they cannot be allowed to roam freely because they will escape.

9. Llamas

This is a type of camel that has been domesticated in South America since prehistoric times

Cargo, meat, and high-quality wool are all used by the Andean inhabitants.

10. Camels

In terms of domestication, camels are the newest and least researched of all domesticated animals.

Camel milk is rich in nutrients and free of lactose, making it an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

11. Horses

Historically, horses were the animals on which human civilisation most relied and for which the widest variety of uses have been devised.

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Human civilization would look very different without the help of these animals!

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Keep expanding your knowledge on the animal kingdom!