A Guide to Select the Best Animal for Kids

Here are the 9 best animals for kids, based on factors like friendliness, ease of care, and overall suitability for family life.


Dogs aren’t just good for entertainment; they can also be invaluable to families with young children. Dogs can help teach kids about responsibility, empathy, and patience.


Much quieter than dogs, cats are less likely to cause allergies. Also, cats are relatively independent compared to dogs and stay happy on their own.


Rabbits are suitable for children because they are relatively low maintenance, quiet, and can be litter-trained. Also, rabbits are social creatures that enjoy human interaction, making great playmates for kids.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs make amazing pets for children for various reasons. They come in a wide range of colors and fur and are low-maintenance animals that are easy to keep. These social creatures, bond quickly with their human companions.


Hamsters are small, low-maintenance, and relatively quiet. Absolutely adorable, these cuties are super easy to care for. Hamsters can live in a small space and feed on a diet of pellets and fresh vegetables.


Gerbils are a popular pet choice for families with children. They are tiny, effortless to care for, and have a delicate demeanor. Gerbils are exceptionally dynamic, which can be engaging for children.


Birds make great pets for kids because they are low maintenance: requiring only a few hours of care per week. This makes them an excellent choice for families who have members that work or travel often.


Rats make good pets for kids, especially if they're trained to perform tricks. They have individual personalities and so your child can bond with his or her pet on a one-to-one basis