A Heartfelt Reunion Uniting Rescuer and Rhino Orphan

Cayla de Souza

Gertjie and Matimba, rhino orphans, transformed from symbols of poaching crisis to hope icons under their rescuers' care.

The rhinos lost their mothers to poachers but found resilience and hope through dedicated care.

Adine and the team at HESC played a pivotal role in healing the rhinos after the traumatic loss of their mothers.

After five years of care, Gertjie and Matimba were triumphantly released into the wild, marking a victory over adversity.

The rhino poaching crisis in Southern Africa is fueled by the illegal trade of rhino horns, leaving many calves orphaned.

Rhinos experience deep emotions; the loss of a mother to poaching inflicts mental pain and leaves the calves scared.

Rescue centers provide orphaned rhinos with comfort, healing, and the opportunity to form strong bonds.

The emotional reunion between the rhino orphan and its rescuer underscores the impact of compassion in conservation.


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