A New Pangolin Species Discovery Renews Hope

Cayla de Souza

A ninth pangolin species, Manis mysteria, has been discovered, renewing hope for the conservation of the world’s most trafficked mammal.

The new species was identified through genomic analysis of contraband scales seized in Hong Kong and China.

This discovery challenges existing knowledge and opens new avenues for understanding pangolin diversity and evolution.

Manis mysteria symbolizes hope and suggests the potential existence of other undiscovered pangolin species.

Knowledge of this new species equips conservationists with more tools to protect and preserve pangolins.

These discoveries underscore the need for intensified conservation efforts to protect both known and unknown species.

The discovery of Manis mysteria enriches the narrative of pangolin survival and conservation globally.

The unveiling of new species is a call to action for global efforts to understand, protect, and preserve pangolins from extinction.


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