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By Josie 5th January, 2023


The African Wild Dog, also called “colorful wolf”, “painted dog” or the “cape hunting dog.”

It is a beautiful, but also very dangerous hunter in the African Savanna and one of the world’s most endangered animal.


Scientific name: Lycaon pictus Family: Canidae Diet: Carnivore Habitat: Savannah, open plains, woodlands, scrublands Population: 1,400 individuals Level of endangerment: Endangered


Their coat consists of rough bristle-like hairs - each with individual color combinations.

They have a white-tipped tail and large, rounded ears.

They don’t mind residing in woodlands, scrublands, and mountainous areas.

However, they prefer the savannah and open plains, as this grants them unobstructed views when hunting their prey.


Their range pertains to Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, and Tanzania.

Although gauging the exact size of their population is complicated by their migratory movements, it is nonetheless classified as endangered.


An African Wild Dog’s diet is hypercarnivorous, meaning it first and foremost consists of meat.

Unlike most social predators, they will regurgitate food for other members of their pack, including adults.


Generally only the dominant female that reproduces.

Both female and male dogs care for pups, and ill or injured members are never left behind.


To control the pack’s size, the dominant female may even kill subordinate pups.

Expansion of human development similarly causes fragmentation of their habitat.


Currently, approximately 1,400 individuals remain.

Likewise, they often fall victim to diseases such as rabies or others.


#1 They have an intricate greeting ritual they perform before the start of a hunt

#2 Attesting to their complex social structures, they “vote” through a sneezing sound about whether they should hunt at a given time.

#3 Their greeting call, a “hoo,” which is loud enough to reach across a distance of 4 km.

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