Adorable Big Cat Cub Sounds

Big cat cubs are born into a world where every sound matters.

From the moment they open their eyes, they begin to learn the language of their species.

But what exactly do these young felines sound like?

The roar of a tiger cub can intensify rapidly from a gentle rumble to a powerful growl.

These cubs are training their roars at an early age, readying themselves to rule the jungle as kings and queens.

A common sound made by lion cubs is their playful chirps and grunts.

These noises will eventually grow into the fearsome roars that lions are associated with.

For now though, the main focus is on improving their vocal range through light hearted conversations with their siblings.

Jaguar cubs can produce a variety of noises, from deep throaty growls to gentle purrs.

Leopard cubs have distinctive raspy calls.

These cubs may not have the powerful roar of a lion, but they more than make up for it with their unique vocalizations.

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