African Elephant vs. Giraffe

Despite their distinct physical differences, African elephants and giraffes possess specific shared characteristics that enable them to survive and flourish in their unique habitats.

The African Elephant is around 3-4 meters tall. The Giraffe is approximately 5-6 meters tall.


The African Elephant is around 4000-7000 kg in weight. The giraffe is around 800-1200 kg in weight.


The African Elephant lives for 60-70 years. The giraffe lives for around 20-25 years. They are both herbivores.

Lifespan and Diet

The African Elephant has large ears, tusks, and a trunk. The Giraffe has a long neck, ossicones, and a distinct spotted coat.

Physical features

The African Elephant lives in herds and has a matriarchal society. The Giraffe lives in loose groups, and is not highly social.

Social Behavior

Size is the most obvious factor. African elephants are much larger and heavier than giraffes, giving them a significant advantage in fighting.

Who Would Win?

Giraffes are known for their impressive running speed, which can be anywhere up to 60 km/h (37 mph). In contrast, elephants are not as fast runners but have incredible strength, allowing them to uproot trees and move heavy objects.

Who would win?

African elephants use their tusks and trunk to defend themselves against predators, while giraffes use their powerful kicks and head butting.

Who would win?

In a hypothetical fight, the African elephant would likely win due to its larger size and strength, although the giraffe could potentially use its long neck and powerful kicks to avoid serious injury.

Who would win?

It should be noted that both species generally avoid confrontation whenever possible. African elephants and giraffes are likely to use non-aggressive behaviors, such as vocalizations and posturing, to communicate and resolve conflicts.

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