By Josie  October 8th, 2023

Aggressive Monkeys Arrested After Taking Revenge on Local Dogs

These aggressive monkeys were arrested following a revenge rampage on the local dog population.

In a small village in Maharashtra, India, a peculiar and unsettling series of events unfolded.

A group of monkeys, driven by revenge, declared an unspoken war against the local dogs.

This wasn’t a random act of aggression but a calculated response to a tragic incident that claimed the lives of two infant monkeys.

Monkeys Take Revenge

The monkeys, fueled by anger and loss, embarked on a revenge spree, killing nearly 250 dogs.

The monkeys exhibited a calculated approach; each puppy they saw was caught and dropped from a considerable height.

The Community's Response

The villagers, helpless and horrified, could only watch the grim spectacle unfold before their eyes.

In a bizarre turn of events, police arrested two aggressive monkeys for their alleged involvement in the mass killing of puppies.

They relocated the monkeys to a nearby forest, marking a somber end to their vengeful crusade.

The retaliatory killings by the monkeys raised questions about their cognitive abilities and emotional depth.

Do Monkeys Hold Grudges?

These unsettling events painted a narrative of a species capable of complex emotions and deliberate actions.

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