All About Baby Ducks

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Baby ducks are incredibly endearing and exhibit lots of love – the kind only animals can give.

Baby ducks, also called ducklings, are tiny versions of adult ducks.  These little feathered birds begin their lives fluffy and cuddly, even  when they are two to three days old.

Get to know them

Baby ducks have soft, glossy feathers that vary in color depending on  the breed. When healthy, ducks have soft, shiny feathers that give them a  smooth look – perfect for petting!


They have short wings with a wide body shape and a long tail feather  that drags behind them as they walk. Their legs are short and stout,  which makes them appear almost comical when walking.

Body Shape

Their size varies depending on the breed of the duckling, but generally  speaking, they range from 4 to 10 inches tall when fully grown.


Ducklings also have an impressive array of facial expressions, including  smiling at their owners or scowling when angry, which is hilarious and  endearing.

Facial Features

They use their beaks for food, preening themselves, and swimming (using them like a rudder).


Each baby duck has unique markings that help with identification in large groups.

Distinct Markings

Baby ducks have an undeniable charm that brings a smile to anyone’s face.

Overall Charm

Ducklings stay close to their mother or father until they reach adulthood, usually around two or three months.

How Long Will Baby Ducks Stay With Their Parents?

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