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All You Need To Know About

Chipmunk Poop

Not all chipmunks are bothersome, but it doesn’t take them long to become monstrous pests.

Let's investigate:

We’re sure you’re familiar with chipmunks, but how familiar are you with chipmunk poop?

Chipmunks are lovable petite creatures that are frequently spotted in spaces around human residences.

Regardless of being very cute, they are known to cause serious destruction to the garden by pulling up small plants with their roots out.

About Chipmunks

They are usually found chewing wires, garden furniture, or objects put in storage in the basement.

What Does Chipmunk Poop Look Like?

The chipmunk poop or droppings are pellet-shaped with elongated and pointed ends.

Each piece can measure less than 0,4 inches (one centimeter.)

The most commonly known myth about them is that they never poop.

Chipmunks are extremely vulnerable to being attacked by predators.

The Biggest Myth About Chipmunk Poop

For that reason, chipmunks have particular compartments inside their tunnels to poop, which is why we don't often see it.

Rat poop is often mistaken for chipmunk poop.

All these creatures are omnivorous animals, but chipmunks seem to depend more on fruits and nuts for their nutrition.

Color Is a Key Identifier

Because of this reason, chipmunks have a tendency to have paler poop.

Because of their omnivorous diet and irregular hunting, there are great likelihoods that chipmunk poop holds harmful pathogens and viruses.

What Happens If You Come In Contact With Chipmunk Poop?

Some of the common diseases transmitted from chipmunk poop are Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, and Hantavirus.

This should be done with care and swiftness in case there are any kids at home.

How To Securely Remove Chipmunk Poop

It is important to ensure that one takes proper preventive measures by using rubber boots, gloves, a face mask, or a face shield.

1. If it is dry, try making it soft by showering little water on it to make sure that it doesn’t crumble.

2. If at all possible, poop should be burnt using the fire because otherwise, it can be a breeding ground for flies.

3. pray disinfectants like sanitizers, bleaches, and decontaminators to the latrine site after removing the poop.

Steps To Take

How To Keep Chipmunk Poop In Check

Remove any leftover pet food or keep it away safely in storage and to throw away rubbish appropriately.

Seal any holes in your home or garden and trim vegetation around the house.

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If you need to remove chipmunks from your property, always be mindful of the fact that every single creature on this planet has its fair right to live.

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