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By Josie January 27th, 2023

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Let's get to know this fluffy ol' thing:

Whether you want to learn all about them or are considering adopting one, this guide will be your best friend.

The sheepadoodle is a mixed breed of dog - can you guess which ones?


But they proved too cuddly, and instead became a familt/therapy dog.

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In the 1960s, the U.S. military bred the Old English Sheepdog and Poodle, attempting to produce the best military dog.

They have a thick double-coated fur, and are never aggressive or nervous.

It is a large dog breed that belongs to the herding dog type and is known by the nickname bobtail.

Old English Sheepdog

Their nature is obedient and have high intelligence.

Poodles come in four varieties: toy-, medium-, standard-, and miniature poodle.


Their curly coats are also high-maintenance.


The sheepadoodle’s height is an average of the two parent breeds, roughly 18–27 inches.

Their average weight is 65–85 pounds.

Their curly fur also makes them appear much larger than their actual size.

Preferred Environment

This mixed dog breed likes to live in a house with a yard where it can run around and play.

They have thick fur; therefore, they prefer to live in cold climates.

If kept in warmer climates; trim their fur frequently.


Their social maturity makes them highly suited to be family dogs.

Especially in energy level, a sheepadoodle resembles a poodle, always eager for different activities.

They equally enjoy a good snuggle or an intense game of fetch.


Sheepadoodles shed very little so their suited for people with allergies.

They only need the basic care any dog needs, such as:

#1 Trimming their fur and bathing them every seven to ten weeks

#2 Maintaining good dental hygiene

#3 Cleaning their ears

#4 Brushing them frequently

#5 Trimming their claws

(also, they're prone to weight gain so watch their food intake.)

Pros  of Sheepadoodles

#1 They have pleasant temperaments and are obedient.

#6 Minimal shedding.

#2 Easy to train.

#3 Interacts well with families/kids.

#4 Make good therapy dogs.

#5 Can be trained as watch dogs.

Cons of Sheepadoodles

#1 They often inherit a nipping-trait (light biting) from the Old English Sheepdog.

#3 Because they're highly social they often suffer from separation anxiety.

#2 They also have a herding gene which may prove annoying at times.

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To conclude, they make great family dogs and cuddle-buddies.

But remember their herding tendencies and that they need lots of quality time with their family.