By Josie  September 11th, 2023

An Encounter with the Friendliest Baby Shark

Sharks have gotten a bit of a bad reputation. Granted, it’s best to be cautious around these apex predators, but not all sharks have a preference for blood!

This encounter involves what might just be the friendliest baby shark around – a baby whale shark.

A Friendly Fish

While all sharks are more or less misunderstood creatures, unfairly labeled as vicious killers, this is especially true for the whale shark.

This friendly fish (because yes, sharks are fish) are known for their docile nature, often allowing divers to swim close and even accompany them for a while.

A Big Fish

Whale sharks hold the title of the largest fish in the ocean, with adults typically reaching lengths of 18 to 32 feet, though some have been measured at a staggering 60 feet.

The Footage

The Footage

The video shows the friendliest baby whale shark ever! It swims around with the divers, curious about these odd humans.

If you're scared of sharks this footage will undoubtedly change your mind.

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Eating 2,2000 Pounds Per Day

Despite being one of the largest sharks in the world, whale sharks mostly eat plankton, small fish, and occasionally squid.

As filter feeders do, they feed by opening their wide mouths and filtering their food from the water. They eat as much as 2,200 pounds of plankton per day!

Yellow Wavy Line
Yellow Wavy Line

Swipe up for the video!

Swipe up for the video!