By Josie  July 5th, 2023

Anaconda Regurgitates Smaller Anaconda

(who's still alive!)

An anaconda was caught on camera regurgitating another smaller anaconda - proving how crazy nature can be.

Let's assess the situation:

The video begins by showing an exceptionally large anaconda,  it's clearly well-fed, judging by its unusually huge size.

The anaconda then proceeds to regurgitate a smaller anaconda, who is miraculously still alive!

It serves as a potent reminder of the strange and complex food chains that exist in the wild.

Cannibalism in Snakes

Cannibalism, while rare, does occur among snakes due to factors like food scarcity and size disparity.

Among rattlesnakes, larger females have been known to consume smaller males, especially post-mating.

Size of Anacondas

Anacondas are some of the largest snakes, reaching lengths of 15-29 feet, and weights of 130-550 pounds!

Their diet includes animals such as capybaras, tapirs, deer, caimans, and even turtles.

Diet of Anacondas

Being one of the world’s largest snakes, they have a voracious appetite.

Their jaws are specially designed to stretch wide, allowing them to swallow prey that is significantly larger than their head.

Hunting Techniques

Being excellent swimmers, they lie in wait in water bodies, exposing only their nostrils and eyes, before ambushing their prey.


The anaconda is a constrictor, meaning it kills its prey by suffocating it rather than delivering venom.

They can apply pressure of around 90 psi (pounds per square inch), equivalent to the weight of three average-sized human males!

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