Animals in Cities

One often hears of feral cats, stray dogs, racoons, wild pigs, and other animals invading our cities and this can sometimes be hazardous, for the human population and also the animals themselves!

Why Shouldn’t Animals Live in the Cities?

Cities are loud, chaotic places where animals often struggle to adapt. Additionally, cities can be dirty and polluted—harming the health of animals that live there if they are not used to such conditions.

Why Would Animals Live in the City?

For one, cities offer a wide variety of food sources that animals can take advantage of. In the wild, animals compete with other animals for food, but in cities, there is often an abundance of food at their disposal.

Wildlife in Cities

Connecting individuals to their general surroundings with nature helps them have an improved outlook on what encompasses them.

Wild Animals In Cities

Cities are known for their bright lights and busyness, but many people don’t know that there are wild animals who reside in cities as well.

Incredible Things Animals Do

Animals do a lot of incredible things every day that some may not even realize. Bats love to eat insects such as moths and mosquitoes, which might otherwise irritate us with their sheer volume of painful bites.