Animals in Connecticut

There are thousands of different species of animals living in Connecticut, from reptiles to mammals and amphibians.  Read on to learn about some popular wildlife attractions in the state.


The sperm whale is unfortunately on the endangered species list; it needs to be protected. The sperm whale is the largest of the toothed whales, growing 70 feet in length.


The robin is the state bird of Connecticut. You can often find them on lawns, tugging at earthworms from underneath rocks and grass clippings. They are very popular birds—with their warm orange breast

Black Bear

Black bears are animals in Connecticut that remain present throughout a large part of Connecticut. The black bear has a stock body with short and thick legs.


While many people still consider coyotes to be both a nuisance, it is the humans who have taken over their habitat—making them an endangered species. Coyotes are intelligent creatures who just want to make a living in their own environment.

Snowshoe Hare

Snowshoe hares love the forest areas – they are important prey for many predators such as owls, lynx, and northern goshawks; golden eagles as well. They are active all year round.

American  Barn Owl

The American barn owl is very different from its European cousin. They might look similar, but barn owls in North America are quite a bit heavier. The male owls in America weigh around 474 grams.


Star-nosed moles are mammals, and are cute as well; with hairless noses and only weighing about 75 g. They have stout bodies with heavily built forelimbs. They have broad feet and large claws.

Timber Rattlesnake

They are the largest venomous snakes around, growing over six feet long. They have excellent camouflage as well, with their two colors, yellow and black. These colors blend perfectly on the forest floor.