Animals in  Costa Rica 

The wildlife of Costa Rica is home to all kinds of creatures, from parasites and plants to mammals like birds. Read on to learn more about some wildlife attractions!


The white-tailed deer got its name thanks to the presence of white hairs under tail and rump. It is found that white tailed deer is bigger in cold climates, agricultural soil but smaller in desserts and tropics.

The white-tailed deer has a reddish brown to grayish brown body and large ears. It lives in open areas like forests as well as yards, where it gets proper food during the summer—and protection from cold winds during winter.

Humpback Whale

The humpback whale's strange and complex behavior has made it a favorite of whale watchers. However, once hunted to the brink of extinction, the species is now recovering nicely.

With significantly decreased olfactory organs, they probably have pretty much no clue of smell by any means. Their little eyes have developed to endure the tension of the water.


Intently looking like the wild pig the peccary has dim coarse hair and an enormous head with a roundabout nose. The ears are little, just like the tail, which is for the most part not apparent.

Its spear like canine teeth give the peccary its other normal names, lance and javelina. These teeth don’t project yet make outstanding knots in the lips.


Cougars are the second largest cat after jaguars. Although recognized as nocturnal, cougars have also been seen during daylight hours.

Despite its size, the cougar is more closely related to the domestic cat and small cat than any other subfamily Pantherinae species. The cougar is a predator that chases a variety of prey.