Animals in Delaware

Are you curious to learn about animals in Delaware? Delaware is the second-smallest state in the country, located between Pennsylvania and Maryland. Read on to learn about some popular wildlife attractions in the state.

Eastern Chipmunk

Chipmunks are basically pygmy squirrels that often exploit the resources of the rocky land and the forest floor. They paddle on the ground but also specialise in mountaineering.

Eastern Bluebird

They are mostly identified by their bright blue heads as well as their wings being bright blue. The throats are rust-colored and both males and females have white stomachs.


Delaware’s state marine animal is the horseshoe crab. They have a hard exoskeleton and 10 legs to stand their ground on the ocean floor. Its body has three sections; the first part is the head which looks like a horseshoe.


In 2010, the grey fox became the official state animal of Delaware. The tops of its body are grey and reddish-brown on its sides; it's legs and feet are also reddish in color.

American Kestrel

It’s the smallest falcon in North America; the American kestrel, and is just 12 inches in length. It has a rust-colored tail. Two vertical black stripes are seen on its face. Its bill is hooked.

American MINK

American minks are related to weasels, and have many of the same characteristics. In the past, American mink pelts were widely coveted for their beauty—they are thick, glossy and waterproof.

Sei Whale

When we talk about whales, the sei whale is one of the fastest. It’s a solitary carnivore, feeding on krill, small fish, squid, and copepods. Its most distinctive feature is the tall, sickle-shaped dorsal fin.