Animals in Indiana

Indiana has a differed geology that incorporates thick woodlands, field grasslands, riverbanks, lakeshores, and rough slopes. The greater part of the land in Indiana is devoted to cultivating.

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Northern Cardinal

Cardinals don’t move and they don’t shed their feathers in winter season. North Cardinal is one of the most beautiful red color bird who is very attractive to look at.


Groundhog plays a very important role in the ecosystem, they helps in maintaining health of soil in woodland and in plain areas.


These cats are uncommonly provincial and will actually take a look at their scope with scent and make unquestionable snare markings on trees to tell others of their presence.

Milk Snake

They usually live in wooded areas, mountains. Milk snakes are not harmful for human beings. People love to see them in the different areas of Tennessee.

Orb Weaver Spider

They are also known as garden spiders as they can easily found in your gardens. They create their webs with a diameter of 60cm and they are very strong.

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