Animals in Indiana

Are you looking for animals in Indiana? The "Hoosier State," Indiana borders Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east, Illinois to the west, and Kentucky to the south. Read on if you want to know more about the animals in Indiana!


Groundhogs are also known as woodchucks, and they come under the rodent category. They usually live in rocky and mountainous areas. They play a vital role in the ecosystem; they help maintain the health of the soil in woodland and plain regions.


A long-legged cat with colossal paws, a genuinely short body, and tufted ears, the wildcat is 60–100 cm long, excepting the 10–20 cm tail, stands 50–60 cm at the shoulder, and weighs 7–15 kg.

Milk Snake

Around three subspecies of milk snakes are found in Tennessee, and they are primarily found in the eastern region of Tennessee. The adult milk snake is approximately 24-36 inches in length.

Orb Weaver Spider

They are named Orb spiders because of their round and wheel-shaped webs, which they create to catch their hunt. They are also known as garden spiders, as they can easily be found in your gardens.


These birds are among the world’s most tenacious and astute foragers, and they are the group that prefers to reside along the coast. Around 50 species can be found worldwide, according to the survey.

Freshwater Jellyfish

The medusa is formed like a chime, with a design called a velum joined to its underside. It is seldom more than an inch in width, clear with a hint of white or green, and around close to 100% water.

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