Animals  in Iowa

Welcome to Animals in Iowa! Iowa is one of the finest states for healthcare, infrastructure, and education.  Read on for Iowa's animals and wildlife.


The bobolink bird is a sign of spring in bird symbolism. Their color is often light brown with black streaks and stripes. Their appearance is very unusual.

The female bobolink looks like a sparrow, and the male’s breeding plumage is on the underside of the body, making us identify the male bobolink even when they are flying.


The Eastern Kingsnake is yellow with a zig-zag pattern of black scales. They're also known as chain snakes because of the scale pattern on their body.

They can swim and climb trees easily. They eat rodents, birds, lizards, snakes, and bird eggs. The grip of these snakes is so firm that they can squeeze their prey to death.


Mealybug is an insect of the Hemiptera order. They are tiny bugs and inject plant disease plant toxins. It also transmits plant diseases.

Mealybugs feed and damage plants. Mealybugs are fluffy white on plants. Other mealybug species eat mango, papaya, mulberry, sunflower, grapes, pineapple, ferns, gardenias, orchids, and more.

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