Animals in Kentucky

The beautiful state of Kentucky is home to many well-evolved mammals, insects, reptiles and birds that live in different habitats throughout the region. Continue reading to learn more about the animals in Kentucky!

White Tailed Deer

White-tailed deer got its name because of the presence of white hairs under tail and back end. White-tailed deer has various sizes. It has a ruddy brown to grayish earthy colored body and huge ears.

Between October and January, whitetails breed.  Mid-November is often when Kentucky experiences its peak breeding season.

Where can one find White-Tailed Deer in Kentucky?


Named a marmot, the groundhog is a person from the squirrel family. Thick fur on the upper parts ranges in assortment through various shades of brown; the feet are more dark, and the underparts are buff.

It can be easily found in meadows, streams, roads, forest edges and open fields nearby other animals in Kentucky.

Where can one find Groundhog in Kentucky?

Northern Cardinal

Male birds are more attractive to look at. They have red color in their bodies and one cannot stop looking at them once they see them; the female has a brown crest with reddish accents.

These are the state bird of Ohio region. They can be viewed during the migration season along with other animals in Kentucky.

Where to find Northern Cardinals

American  Black Bear

The American black bear appears similar to the brown, but it has larger ears with less fur and a smaller shoulder hump. Like other bears, this species also varies in size depending upon its season, age or sex.

In Pennsylvania they are found in large dense forest together with other animals in Kentucky.

Where to find American Black Bears