Animals In Louisiana

In this story we’re going to zoom in on Louisiana, and more specifically the Animals in Louisiana.

The unique species of animals include the Louisiana pine snake, the white leucistic alligator, the Louisiana black bear, the Louisiana pearl shell, and the red-cockaded woodpecker.

So, let’s get down to learning more about the fauna of Louisiana and what makes them adapted to the distinguishing landmarks of this particular state.

Eastern Gray Squirrels And Eastern Fox Squirrels

Quite fascinatingly, some species of these squirrels have black hair due to a faulty pigment gene present in their lineage.

Eastern Cottontail And Swamp Rabbits

Compared to eastern cottontails, swampy rabbits have darker fur with relatively smaller ears and a light brown colored ring around their eyes.


They are mostly known to live in deep forests but can also survive near wetlands or rocky terrains. The appearance of these creatures differs slightly from a typical cat.


These distressing critters live in trenches near water and consume a lot of vegetation, which is a significant matter of concern for humans.

White-Tailed Deer

The Virginia deer is considered a unique fauna out of the other animals in Louisiana due to its distinctive white color on the underside of its tail.

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