Animals in Manitoba

In Manitoba, Canada one can find a large number of animals like different birds, mammals, reptiles, rodents etc due to its large diversity in wild animals. Read on to learn more about the animals in Manitoba!


Polar Bears are one of the top most animals found in Manitoba. Which is the main point of attraction for tourists and visitors. Polar bears are marine mammals as they spend most of their time at sea.


Beavers are one of the most common animals found in Manitoba region or in every part of Canada. Peoples used to create hats using beaver fur as they are very good in quality. Beavers can swim in water; they have long tail which helps them in swimming.

Arctic Fox

Artic foxes are small in size but they look like similar to large cats. They are one of the smallest wild canid species found in Manitoba region. They seem to be long in length due to their long bushy tail.


Bison is one of the largest mammals found in Manitoba. They are around 7725kg in weight and they can run fast with a speed of 55km per hour. Talking about their life span, they can live up to an age of 20 years.

Grey Owl

They are considered as number six from the fifty most wanted birds on continent. They can be found more commonly in Manitoba. They are big, bold and beautiful which is becomes the main attraction for visitors.


Moose is one of the important part of Manitoba wildlife environment and these are known as largest member of deer family. They have long skinny legs and are very good swimmer, a newborn moose can easily swim within few day from birth.