Animals in Missouri

Interested in knowing more about the wildlife that inhabits Missouri? The state is home to woodrats, buffalo, deer, cougar and bears—among other creatures.  If you're visiting and want to see some unusual animals up close? Keep reading!


Muskrats are vigorous mammals that weigh up to 1.8 kg. Their eyes are small and nearly hidden by fur, which can be from rosy-pink to blackish brown—overlaying a short but delicate underfur with long, shiny guard hairs on top of it all.

Eastern Mole

A little, bold, smoothed out warm blooded creature with covered ears, minuscule eyes, and a beefy, mobile nose. The smooth fur is grayish-earthy colored above and gleaming dim underneath.

American Mink

These animals in Missouri are one of the major sources of fur business and people use to jail them for fur business as in those days they use to survive on this trad business. They are wild animals with small in size.


These animals in Missouri are long-legged feline with huge paws, a fairly short body, and tufted ears. Its fur, stiffer and less significant than that of the lynx, is pale brown to rosy with dark spots.

Deer Mouse

They have protruding eyes and huge ears. The tail might be more limited than the head and body or strikingly longer, contingent upon the species. All deer mice have delicate fur, yet variety fluctuates both between and inside species.