Animals in Nevada

Nevada has desert area and also is home for different type of wild animals. So many animals are found there in the beautiful landscapes of Nevada.

Nevada is located in the intermountain plateau. Wild animals that are found in Nevada can easily survive in the rugged environment area.

Around 4000 animal species which includes 52 reptiles, 490 birds and number of rodents. Nevada also has strange animals that are not found anywhere on the earth.

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Desert bighorn are the biggest local creature in the recreation area, with rams gauging up to 113 kg.


Tortoise are found living in different type of habitats, arid grasslands, deserts, evergreen forests, and also from sea side to mountain areas.


They are worked for speed, having level backs with long, similarly created appendages.


Before the approach of motorized vehicles, the pony was broadly utilized as a draft creature, and riding a horse was one of the central method for transportation.

Ground Squirrel

They are found living in fields, pastures, less wooded hilly areas, rocky crop areas and also in grassy areas such as golf courses, cemeteries, parks and pastures.

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