Animals in Nevada

Do you want to learn about the animals of Nevada? The majestic landscapes in this state are home to a wide variety of wild creatures.  Read on as we explore what type of animals live here.

Desert  Bighorn Sheep

Strong body with chocolate earthy colored fur. They have white fur around the gag, back end, and stomach. Rams (guys) have huge bended horns, while females (ewes) have short horns with just slight shape.


The testudinids are a family of turtles distinguished by their multi-digit fore and rear feet, large lateral appendages on the hind legs which they use for locomotion in terrestrial environments. Their shells vary from low domed to high.


Antelopes have adjusted to a wide range of biological specialties thus shift in their size, shape, movement, diet, social association, and antipredator technique.


The horse, a solitary animal category named Equus caballus whose various assortments are called breeds, was once used as a draft creature and riding one was the primary way to get around.

Ground Squirrel

Variety fluctuates broadly among species of ground squirrel from dim, brownish, light brown to olive, rosy, or extremely dim brown. The underparts of ground squirrel are white, shades of dark.


These animals in Nevada are local and well evolved creatures, estimating around 3 feet in length. Since their rear legs are longer than the front legs, raccoons have a slouched appearance when they walk or run.