Animals in New Brunswick


American Toad

American toad has a special ability of adapting to their environment as long as they have permanent source of water available to them. American toad use water during breeding season.

Where can one find American Toad in New Brunswick?

American frogs can live almost anywhere, from forests to backyards. They are common in fields and orchards.

American Bullfrog

Frogs will feed on a variety of lakes, ponds, reservoirs, irrigation canals and wetlands, but there are important aspects of human support.

Red-backed Salamander

As the name suggests the red back salamander has markings of orange to red lines while the lead back salamander is grayish to black in color.

Where can one find Red-blacked Salamander in New Brunswick?

They are found more abundantly in deciduous forests. They are also found in burrows, decaying logs and rocks etc.

Spring Pepper

Bodies of spring peepers have smooth skin that is found to be brown, red, gray or green with stripes of X-shape on their backs. Bellies of spring peppers are creamy to white.

Orange Belted Bumblebee

The queen and the crew have black heads, with a few blonde hairs. The queen and the staff are equally close, and the most striking difference between them is the size of their fat.

Where can one find Orange belted bumblebee in New Brunswick?

They are found living in small cavities like old and unused mouse nests or under large patches of grass.

Animals in New Brunswick