Animals in New Hampshire

The state New Hampshire is very well known for beautiful scenery and mountain areas, a total of 85% of the area has forests.

More than 500 native animals’ species are found in New Hampshire which include the shorebirds, marine mammals and northeastern woodland animals.

Forests and mountain areas have bobcats, coyotes, red foxes, gray foxes and wolves. The predators that are active during night are rabbits, mice, white tailed deer.

Yellow-footed Plover

As with most plovers, feeding occurs in a rhythm consisting of running quickly, stopping abruptly, and pecking.


The allis shad is an anadromous migratory fish that rises from the sea into the large rivers during the spawning season.

Roseate tern

The Roseate Tern resembles the Common Tern in both size and shape. The outermost tail feathers are strikingly long and extend far beyond the wing tips when sitting.

Upland sandpiper

They are found living in grasslands, pastures, agricultural fields and also road edges.

American kestrel

American Kestrel is found living in meadows, deserts, fields, suburbs, cities, and grasslands.

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