Animals in Newfoundland and Labrador


It belongs to the deer family, although it is not a deer. Being in the dear subfamily, the moose is the largest and heaviest family.

American Red Squirrel

Their size is slightly smaller; their overall length from head to the tail is approximately 27-35 cm long.

Labrador Wolf

A Labrador Wolf looks like a mare dog; it’s a wolf; it is a subspecies of the grey wolf. Its colour range from dark grey to white.

Places to find Labrador Wolves

Despite little information known about the Labrador wolf, it can be found in places like the Terra Nova National Park.

Newfoundland Pine Marten

Newfoundland pine marten is a subspecies of the American marten, a distinct subspecies. It is only on the island in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador that this species is found.

Red Fox

The red fox is the most recognised fox species; it is the largest and the most distributed species. It has increased in range with an increase with human extension.

Places to find Red Foxes

Red fox can be located in places such as the Salmonier National Park.

Little Brown Bat

The brown bat can be located with the help of an electronic instrument referred to as a bat detector. This instrument helps humans to detect the sounds made by the flying bat.

Animals in Newfoundland and Labrador