Animals in Nova Scotia

American Marten

American Marten belongs to family Mustelidae and is also known as American pine marten , belongs to North American mammal species.

Ribbon Snake

It is a non-venomous snake species snake which belongs to Eastern North America. The ribbon snake grows up to 16 to 35 inches.

Harlequin Duck

Among the churning water this smallest duck feed on small shellfish animals mostly.

Wood Turtle

There are four type of species of turtles found in Nova Scotia among which wood turtle is one.

Common Nighthawk

These are medium sized birds which have huge mouth and small beak. They have big mouth which further helps them to eat insects easily.

Roseate Tern

It has forked feathers which look like streamer when they fly. It goes very actively in water to catch its prey. It can also fly small distances in water.

Eastern Chipmunk

It appears to have whitish fur on its stomach and reddish-brown fur on its back and side part.

Eastern Moose

These animals in Nova Scotia are a subspecies of moose that is found in Eastern Canada. It makes habitat in deciduous forests and boreal forests.

Animals in Nova Scotia