Animals in Oregon

Oregon is one of the regions in the United States filled with lakes, mountains, and dense forests.

That is the leading cause that Oregon is known as one region where we can find a wide variety of wildlife.

There are around 140 species of mammals found in this region, from where there are about four species of animals that are only found in this region, not anywhere else.

Blue Belly Lizard

This reptile can be distinguished by the tan or dark-hued scales with wavy stripes on the back and dazzling blue scales around the sides and lower part of the mid-region.


These birds are one of the most relentless and sharp foragers in the world; these birds prefer to live close to the coastal areas.

Mountain Lion

They have good strength in their legs, providing them a good speed for running over their prey. They have a sharp tooth, which helps tease their food and chew the meat.

Brush Rabbit

The brush hair is a little bunny with short legs and a short tail. It is dimly dark on the sides and back and pale dim on the midsection and the underside of the seat.

Western Painted Turtle

They spend most of their sleeping time near the pond at night and during the day, and they are more active, which occurs in winter, spring, and summer.

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