Animals in Oregon

Blue Belly Lizard

The shimmering blue sizes of the male reptile are a particular marker of this species, and these scales serve a significant job in the conceptive cycle.

Where to find Blue Bellied Lizards in Oregon?

They are found in the eastern region of Oregon along the Great Basin area. They are majorly found in rocky habitats.


These birds are one of the most relentless and sharp foragers in the world; these birds prefer to live close to the coastal areas.

Where to find Seagulls in Oregon?

They are mostly found near the coastal areas and the river of Columbia. Columbia River is one of the central spots to view seagull birds.

Mountain Lion

There are also known by many other names like puma, catamount, panther, and mountain lions found in various habitats.

Where to find Mountain Lions in Oregon?

They are found in mountain areas like Blue Mountain in the northeast of the Oregon region and Cascade mountain areas in the southwest alongside other Oregon animals.

Brush Rabbit

The brush hair is a little bunny with short legs and a short tail. It is dimly dark on the sides and back and pale dim on the midsection and the underside of the seat.

Western Painted Turtle

These turtles have color marks on their body, like on their head, neck, tails, and legs. We can find red, yellow, and olive color marks.

Animals in Oregon