Animals in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island has wide variety of national parks. There are number of sand dunes, marshes of salt, coastal land, sandstone cliffs, and beaches.

This park is around 60 km in length and width is around 700 meter to some kilometers.

PEI national park is situated at north shore. Beaches at Prince Edward Island help in providing good habitat for various animals.


People usually make a distance from these animals because of their curious nature and foul smell that comes from their butts.

Barn Swallow

They live very close to human and their habit for eating insects which is highly accepted by human beings in nature as they help in farming.

Blue Jay

They mainly live in woodland areas where woods are large in quantity. They can also be found at urban areas or place where people use to feed birds.

Snowshoe Hare

They eat grass, leaver, and ferns in summer season and in winter season they eat trees bark, twings, as that of other harr, they can also eat dead animals but found very rarely.

Black Billed Cuckoo

They mainly found in wetlands, new forest or dense forest where they can find good amount of shrubs to eat.

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